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Fanstel ST250 Amplified Speaker Business 2-Line Phone


The Fanstel ST250 Amplified Speaker Business 2-Line Phone  is a sophisticated 2-line amplified business speakerphone that can digitally adjust frequency- specific volume levels so that any user, especially those working in extremely noisy environments, can comfortably and clearly hear a callers voice.


It boasts highly flexible sound settings: incoming voices may be amplified by up to 52 dB with extra amplification for high frequencies. This level of amplification has been tuned to more effectively restore the perception of many phonemic distinctions common in speech than competing models. Your colleagues wont know you have hearing loss. This phone looks exactly like a normal business phone, when you increase volume it adds frequency-specific amplification automatically.

The internal acoustic chamber also restores low-frequency components in the incoming voice signal, allowing the speakerphone to deliver a crisp acoustic experience one would have only expected from a high-end conference speakerphone.

The huge 7.4 square inch display allows a user to read the screen comfortably even from a distance. This phone also features a quick and easy way for busy user to stay in touch even out of the office. With a touch of a button, incoming calls can be set to be forwarded to a mobile phone (needs call forwarding service).

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Telephone Features:

Conference grade speakerphone, up to 83 dB SPL at 500mm (~20 inches).
Up to 52 dB amplification at 120 dBSPL
Frequency-specific amplification for both handset and headset.
Auto-select the best amplification level
RJ22 and 2.5mm headset ports
Headset button with LED indicator
Redial memory of up to 32 digits
99 names/numbers directory
Name search in directory
Dial from Caller ID log or directory
4 programmable memory buttons.
One Touch Call Forwarding
Edit telephone number before dialing
Speakerphone and mute LED indicator.
Make or receive phone call without power.
Memory retention without power.
Hearing aid compatible


Caller ID and LCD Display:

99 name/number Caller ID log.
Caller waiting ID, voice mail waiting on both lines 1 and 2
Ultra large fonts on high contrast LCD.
Backlit LCD with adjustable viewing angle
LCD viewing area: 7.4 square inches


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